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introducing our innovative slr padding solution.

Here at SL Racing, we love a bit of a challenge and think we have come up with the perfect solution so you can use your weights confidently, knowing they won’t damage your boat. We’ve designed custom padding for stern and bow coxed boats created for specific locations with an easily recognisable etched design.

Girl Power; supporting New Zealand’s most extensive women’s rowing programme

Overseeing anywhere between 60 – 70 girls on the water means Diocesan School for Girls head coach Josh Wedlake has his hands full.

SL Racing Ambassador programme

Next across the line. We’re huge supporters of rowing rising stars and want to give a leg-up to those who are committed to being the best of the best. Our Ambassador programme hand-picks rowings up-and-coming champions who could benefit from some extra support to enable them to achieve their full potential. Ben Mason was the …

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Say ‘hello’ to SL Racing Ambassador, Emma Twigg.

It’s always exciting welcoming a new member to our small team, especially when she’s a long-time great mate and Olympic rowing champion.

New Carbon Wing is built for speed and designed to win.

It’s the thrill of the race and the passion of the sport that drive the Lack brothers to keep pushing the boundaries of possibilities and design products built to win.

An Interview with Emma Twigg

After returning to the top of the podium at Nationals this year, our great friend Emma Twigg sat down with SL Racing to chat about rowing, life, and why she is getting back in the boat for Tokyo 2020.

Did you know – some random rowing facts…

Our little sport goes a long way back. Forgetting the ancient greek and romans slogging it across oceans, the first ‘modern’ rowing races were still raced three centuries ago.

Getting back into the swing of things

With World Champs quite late in the year in 2018, it seems like we’ve just finished watching the international season and it’s already time to start gearing up for the domestic season in New Zealand and Australia.

To specialise, or not to specialise?

With Robbie Manson locking in the single scull spot for New Zealand at the most recent Rowing World Cup, the rowing world’s attention has turned to Mahe Drysdale and what his next move will be.

What we look for when watching a rowing race

It’s World Cup time now in Europe and the New Zealand crews are getting into the action.

Why you should hire a rower (or ex rower)

When it comes time to hire a new employee, business owners will scour CV’s and make gut decisions on who they are hiring based on how good someone looks on paper.

The Importance of coaching

With the news today that Dick Tonks is heading to coach in Canada, it’s going to be a really interesting period to see just how influential a coach can be on a rowing program.

What a pitch

Pitch. It’s a funny little word that you’ll hear rowers and coaches throw around at the boat park.

What the pitch continued….

In our last Rowing New Zealand article and blog piece, we took a basic look at pitch and what it actually is.

Rigging for height: the gate

The most obvious (and quickest) place to start when rigging for athletes of different heights and sizes is the gate.

SL Racing rowing componentry: the foot steer

We are always trying to make our boats faster, smoother and easier to use for you as customers and for us as manufacturers.

Rowing innovation – new footstretcher

We’re constantly looking for new ways to make our boats faster and more enjoyable to row, and today we’re please to announce the full launch of our latest piece of innovation.

What next after maadi?

If you’ve just finished your last year of Secondary School Rowing you’ll be in a really exciting time of your life – the world will be your oyster.

Congratulations at NZ Champs

Our busy workshop has kept us away from the computer – but either way, we have been wanting to put out a HUGE congratulations and thank you to every athlete that raced or medalled in an SL Racing boat at the 2017 New Zealand Rowing Championships.

Nutrition for your rowing race

Over the years our team has sat at the start line of many a 2km race, plenty of 5kms and even the odd 20km one!

Fixing Bondy’s bike

We reckon one of the best things about rowing is that no matter where you go in the world you have an amazing community of like minded people to show you around and help you out whenever you’re in need.

Q + A with Simon Lack

Who are SL Racing? We’re a rowing boat manufacturer that set up shop in Hawkes Bay in 2010.

Feet Height & Angle

The next relatively simple change that can be made is to your foot stretcher height.

Oarsport – Feet Placement

In the next few articles, we’ll drill down on those individual elements, discussing in more detail how they can affect your comfort and boat speed. First up, we want to look at your feet.

Rigging For Rowing – Part 2

In an earlier blog piece that was also included in Rowing NZ’s Oarsport magazine we started a look at the rowing boat in general.

George Bridgewater Reflects

Over the weekend we saw some amazing racing from some incredible athletes.

Rigging – The Basics

Welcome to our first look into the world of boats, rigging and everything you use to get yourself down the rowing course quicker.

Back Problems In Rowing

We love a good rowing read in between boat builds here at SLRacing, and earlier this week World Rowing published a fantastic article about a recent study into back issues in rowing.

Maadi Cup Medalists

The hours of training and months of effort all came to a head last week at the New Zealand Secondary School Rowing Championships.