Rowing innovation – new footstretcher

The new SLR carbon fibre footplate – half way up the plate you’ll see the change in angle allowing the heels of the feet to engage in the driver earlier.
Above image shows shoes attached to the new SLR carbon fibre footplate. Easily adjusted for any rower.

We’re constantly looking for new ways to make our boats faster and more enjoyable to row, and today we’re please to announce the full launch of our latest piece of innovation. When we first created SL Racing one of our big focuses was making fast boats that rowers really enjoy rowing. We put a big focus on the little things that would make a difference to us as rowers, and as we move into a busy winter of boat building, we are pleased to announce that every new shell from 1st May 2017 will be fitted with our new, innovative, Carbon Fibre foot stretcher.

The key lies in the leg drive. The foot stretcher has a 10 degree angle change in the lower half of the footplate, allowing the heels of the feet to push down earlier in the drive, increasing your athlete’s power output by activating the larger rowing muscles sooner through the leg drive. We have also made the shoes wider apart to give a better platform for boat stability. Like everything in our boats, it’s about combining comfort with performance, and already St Peters U-17 8+ has shown that you can get great results with the new stretcher – taking out gold at National Secondary School Champs.

Orders are coming thick and fast into our workshop, so make sure you don’t get left behind over the winter and get in touch with us soon about improving your fleet with an SLR carbon fibre footplate.