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We’ve been designing and building winning boats for SL racing since 2010, with one goal in mind:
to get you first across the line.

We love people who share our passion and are heavily invested in supplying customers with the best racing boats on the market. Whether beginner or Olympic level, SL racing provides an innovative, unbeatable product from rowing boat and skiff design to fabrication and rigging.


Here at SL Racing, we don’t believe in second best when it comes to customer service. We work closely with you to design and build the perfect racing boat solution, so when you are on the water, you can focus on the finish line, not your equipment. We like backing winners, so we will always take the time to understand you and your goals to support your sporting successes. Customer care extends to the maintenance and repair of all boats, not just our own, and we take pride in delivering the same attention to detail and quality assurance, so your boats can race for 15 to 20 years. As a small family business, we have big ambitions but always put our customer’s interests first and consistently deliver on our promises.


If you ask brothers Simon and Hamish Lack what they love about rowing, it’s not just the sport but the people. The teamwork, camaraderie, and respect within the rowing community drive them to deliver every time. Simon started on the water in 1997 with a coach who was interested in rigging and boats. A passion that was passed on developed into a career and grew into a family business.

Though their days competing on the water may be behind them, the Lack brothers are both heavily involved in the rowing community, coaching novice girls at Hawke’s Bay Rowing club, passing on their knowledge and love for the sport. During rowing season, you’ll find them on the banks of regattas all around New Zealand, cheering for their team and catching up with friends and customers in the rowing fraternity. The determination and discipline of these people inspire SL Racing to design and build high-quality, high-performing boats that get them across the finish line first.

What sets SL Racing apart from their competitors is knowing our product, how to use it and the importance of fitting the right boat to the rower. It’s not just about the boat you need, but the settings within it. Measurements are the most important thing for having the competitive edge on the water, and we tailor every boat to fit its rower perfectly.

Simon and Hamish know SL Racing will never be the biggest racing boat company globally, but they know they can deliver the best product designed to win on the world stage of rowing.


Get in touch for all racing boat enquiries or to speak to one of the SL Racing team.