introducing our innovative slr padding solution.

Keep your boat safe from issues caused by coxswain weight damage with our new custom padding.

Protecting your boat to avoid costly damages affecting your race time and investment is at the top of any rowers, schools or clubs list.

With an increasing number of lightweight coxswains needing onboard weights to meet the minimum 55kg competition requirements, we are noticing more and more boats coming in for repairs with damages caused by weights.

Dropping weights into boats can potentially dent or scratch the inside of the boat. While this may not seem like a big deal, over time, water can permeate the dents, causing the honeycomb to absorb water, which can create delaminating or bonding of the boat skins, compromising the integrity of your boat.

Here at SL Racing, we love a bit of a challenge and think we have come up with the perfect solution so you can use your weights confidently, knowing they won’t damage your boat. We’ve designed custom padding for stern and bow coxed boats created for specific locations with an easily recognisable etched design.

While the padding was intended for SLR boats, their universal design means they can be used in other branded boats so that you can protect all of your fleet. Get in touch with the team to organise padding solutions for your boat – so you can keep it at the top of its game and first across the line.