New Carbon Wing is built for speed and designed to win.

Olympic Champion Emma Twigg rows an SL Racing Boat with their new Carbon Wing.
It takes time, constant innovation and design development to catch up and stay ahead of the competition.

It’s the thrill of the race and the passion of the sport that drive the Lack brothers to keep pushing the boundaries of possibilities and design products built to win. With their eye on the future to attract rowings elite, their new innovative Carbon Wing is looking like it could be a contender on the world stage.

An idea four years in the making, the Carbon Wing has been in design and development for the past 18 months. Simon worked closely with a design team and composite engineer to finesse their product and get it water ready. Built using the same high-quality carbon, sourced from the world’s best suppliers you find in every SL Racing boat, the end result is a state-of-the-art pre-preg Carbon Wing that is lighter, stronger and more rigid than its aluminium competitor.

“This is a starting point to get into the carbon field, and it’s where we’re wanting to push the company. Our goal is to reach the Olympics and support elite rowers as part of our whole offering”.

Managing Director Hamish Lack

The Carbon Wing has been optimised to give every rower the best performance possible. The dynamic rear-facing arrangement transfers power more effectively, with better responsiveness out on the water. Expect to see the Carbon Wing out on the water in early 2022.

You can enquire about the Carbon Wing here