We’re constantly testing and innovating our boat designs to ensure you have the best possible final product that goes as fast as possible.

Discover how we design, test and build your racing boat and why we are the leaders in rowing technology, giving you the best opportunity to cross the line first every time.

SL Racing is committed to supplying industry-leading racing boats and parts for young rowers to elite athletes. All our skiffs are built to the highest quality standard with a hull warranty of 5-years made with a carbon fibre outer with the inner skin reinforced with Nomex honeycombs and top-quality resins with top-grade stainless-steel hardware.

We never stop innovating. Every single day, we look at our designs, materials and processes and think about how we can do things differently – better. Small incremental changes can make a big difference to the overall performance of a racing boat and your finishing position.

As coaches, we see our boats in the water a lot more than most other rowing boat manufacturers would, giving us a unique insight into the opportunities to make our rowing boats better and faster. However, we don’t change for the sake of it. We believe in our hull designs, and our customers enjoy our boats and how they perform on the water.

We are always looking at new materials and weights and weaves of composites. We build strong relationships with our suppliers and look to the world for new emerging technologies and innovations. We source the best materials from all around the world. For example, our carbon comes from Japan, Taiwan, America and Sweden, with our Nomex honeycomb sourced from Luxemburg.

We are a data-driven business and have implemented systems to measure performance, analyse and use results to refine and enhance our boats.

There’s no place for mistakes on the water, and every second counts, so our boats are finished to the utmost quality, designed to enjoy and get you first across the line.

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