SL Racing rowing componentry: the foot steer

SL Racing Footsteer image is on the left showing the mechanics, shoes sitting inside the footsteer appear in an image alongiside

​We are always trying to make our boats faster, smoother and easier to use for you as customers and for us as manufacturers.

Here at SL Racing we build all our own componentry, from the seat chassis to the pin and backstay. We use our local machine shops to produce items that aren’t only cost effective but also work extremely well. These are not stock items and we pride ourselves on continuously thinking outside the box so that no else builds a boat like we do.

Foot steers are a component that is sometimes overlooked but is very important. After a few years of trial and error, in September of 2016 we developed and released something that not only looked great but works perfectly as well.

Our foot steer is made fully of stainless steel so fatigue and corrosion isn’t a problem as it is with aluminum.

A packer on the non steering foot ensures that the rowers legs are driving off a level platform.

The locking hole let’s you lock the steering in place when you don’t require steering.

Importantly, our foot steer uses a 10mm bolt to lock the wire in place so you can use your 10mm spanner.

For the rowers out there – you’ll be really happy to feel a very smooth steering motion.

It is a separate component so the steering system is bolted to the foot plate. This can be brought separately to fit any shoe plate.