SL Racing Scholarship

Ben is rowing on an SL racing single scull racing boat, facing the camera, holding onto his oars on a lake with a blurred background behind hin.

Next across the line.

We’ve selected our winner of the SL Racing Scholarship. Meet the successful applicant below.

SL Racing, along with Olympic champion Emma Twigg has awarded one of rowing’s brightest the opportunity of an awesome rowing scholarship.

What they get:

  • Support and mentorship from some of rowing’s elite
  • Use of an SL Racing boat
  • Financial support
  • A load of gear.

Selecting the winner of the first SL Racing Scholarship was no easy task. We received multiple entries from around New Zealand from some seriously talented and driven individuals. After much deliberation, we were thrilled to offer our support to Ben Mason. Find out a bit more about Ben, what drives him and what winning the SL Racing Scholarship means in our ‘Quick five-minute Q&A’.

Name / Age / Location:

Benjamin Mason / 20 / Cambridge

How long have you been rowing?

Six years

What are your goals for rowing – now and in the future?

My short-term goals will be to perform well at the u23 Worlds this year and medal at next year’s u23 Worlds. I also want to defend as many titles as I can at next year’s Nationals when the competition gets tougher and become a future prospect for the NZ elite team. Long-term, I want to compete and medal in the Olympics.

What do you hope to achieve through the SL Racing Scholarship?

The SLR Scholarship helps me widen my support team and gain knowledge very few people in the world can offer. It allows me to take the next step toward becoming a more professional athlete. Not only will I be set up in a boat perfect for me, but I’ll also have the confidence in my equipment that nothing is holding me back.

What do you think is your greatest rowing achievement to date?

I think my greatest achievement to date is a difficult one to answer. I’ve been fortunate enough to race at a World Champs before COVID hit, which was a massive achievement. But more recently, I had the most successful Nationals of my life, winning five events, including three premiere events. However, my most challenging accomplishment and my personal favourite would have been my 1000km coastal row to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Which could be why some people saw me racing in a pink row suit in previous seasons.

What drove you to apply for the SL Racing Scholarship?

I think I applied for the SLR scholarship because it was a great opportunity for me to best my chances for the future with where I currently am with my rowing. I’ve been very proud of what I have achieved so far, but now I think I’m at the level where it’s hard to start separating yourself from the best, and this scholarship will help give me the edge to do that.

Keep an eye out for updates on Ben.